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Macau – China

Macau is the one really powerful and well organized modern city in China. It is situated on Macau peninsular and two islands – Taipa and Coloane. The city is really highly developed economy and the main reason for this is the connection, which it has with Guangzhou through Pearl River Delta.

Macau is a former Portuguese colony, which is rich in monuments from the colonial era.

Definitely, this is one of the main sightseeings, which attracts tourists from all over the world. The main revenue for the city comes from tourism, which makes the city an important travel center of China and Asia.

Macau - China
Macau – China

You can visit and reach Macao only by air and water because Macau is an autonomous province in China, which has strict borders for Chinese visitors. The most frequent flights to the city are from Taiwan because China and Taiwan do not support direct diplomatic relations. Also, the maritime transport of the city is highly developed as the trading and the export is bringing high incomes for the city. Definitely highest incomes in the city come from gambling. new zealand working holiday visa

The city has a well-organized gambling industry, which brings yearly more than 7 billion USD. This brought to the city nickname “Monte Carlo of the east”. Definitely, this is not everything, which may attract you in the city of Macau.

You will see a lot of monuments and beautiful artifacts in the city, which are well saved and maintained. The city has a lot of parks, nice beach, and great museums. Also in the city are held a lot of festivals each year and the most attractive from them is the Macau Grand Prix. During this race, the streets are closed like those of Monaco and the whole city becomes a Grand Prix.

Definitely, this is attracting visitors from all over the world, who want to see this beautiful city.

Another important economic sectors of Macau are textiles and manufacture of fireworks. The sightseeing in the city are really much and the old part of the town will make your trip real adventure.

The streets are small and the buildings are bringing the ancient design. Here is situated also one of the best tourist attractions for the tourists – Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara.

This is a statue of a Chinese deity that resembles a sculpture of the Virgin Mary.

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